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Hoover Dam – crisis days aren’t over yet?

Colorado River, mostly regarded as the lifeline of The Southwest and San Diego indicated grave statistics in connection to its much talked about Hoover Dam. The Dam stores much of its water supply and the reservoir called Lake Mead, seemed to spur up controversies throughout the present decade.

The water levels behind the Hoover Dam reached the lowest levels still 1930s.  The water shortage was almost bordering alarming levels, and thankfully enough, the federal officials were not that strict to declare the issue with severity.

The situations still did not reach the alarm stands for the water shortage was said to be largely dealt through Lake Powell. The water shortage would alter millions of lives settled in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego. Since the projects border the neighboring Mexican city state, the threat is said to spill over the fences.

Two major issues mark the fate of Hoover Dam, its Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Critics would like to draw attention to the supply fragmentation unlikely taking place in the wet period of the region.  Thus the water flow has ever since failed to meet the growing demands. Scientists further emphasized that even a small scale reduction of the flow will result in drastic impacts. This goes without saying that Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, lower Colorado Basin have been utilizing the entire supply provided to them so far. Thus a slight increase in demands would result in unavoidable complications. Talks are held to adjust water distribution from the Hoover Dam among the neighboring regions to resist the low water level impacts.

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