Solution: Microsoft Publisher 2013 is running slow, s-l-o-w…

Solution: Microsoft Publisher 2013 is running slow, s-l-o-w…

I do not wish to take any credit from the information below. All of this have been compiled from various bits and pieces of information available from the very helpful technical geeks at the Microsoft community. Just that I am trying to put them all together in ONE place so that the common user can benefit easily without doing the research (and thus saving the time investment) that I did.

Solution 1.
Uninstall MS Update (KB2768349) – this is effective and works almost like magic!
Here’s how to uninstall it:
1. Click on Control Panel.
2. Click on System and Security
3. Under Windows update, double click on View Update History
4. On this window double click on the Installed updates (at top of page highlighted in blue)
5. Go to column that represents Microsoft Office 2013 and look for the aforementioned update, right click and uninstall it. restart your computer and hopefully this will solve your problem.
If you wish to learn more on this update, you can find more info via

Solution 2. Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration from inside MSPUB: Go to File > Options > Advanced and check ‘disable hardware graphics acceleration’.

Solution3. Ask Skydrive to let go. Uncheck the “use Office to sync files faster…” setting in SkyDrive

Solution 4. If you have a lot of pictures, try compressing them all to reduce the file size. Right click a picture > format picture > picture tab, compress button > apply to all pictures.

Solution 5. Go to View > check Graphics Manager > at the bottom of the graphics manager pane click ‘change picture display’ and check ‘fast resize and zoom’ option.




R.I.P. Dr. Anil Chandra Chatterjee.

R.I.P. Dr. Anil Chandra Chatterjee.

Leading a life of significance, Dr. Chatterjee has had many a colourful feather in his cap. Starting his life as a child prodigy in a humble middle-class family, this bright alumnus of Presidency College (now Presidency University Kolkata) and The Calcutta Medical College grew up to be a Surgeon par excellence, while he travelled around the world, trained under & assisted numerous Nobel Laureates. By the age 25, he had cleared the toughest of examinations and achieved almost all the international degrees and qualifications in medicine and surgery, that could possibly be attained in his time. An elegant gentleman with sharp intelligence, prodigious memory and surprising creativity, he invented over a dozen innovative surgical methods, having hundreds of notable research articles published in leading international journals among other prominent achievements in his illustrious career. Hundreds of his former medical students, junior practitioners and admirers remember him to be one of the most amazing people they have ever met. Saviour of uncountable lives, he was an equally eloquent orator with unparalleled depth in English and Bengali literature & poetry, World History and Philosophy. A Karmayogi in the truest sense, he served his oath till the last day of his octogenarian lifespan attending to patients in the morning, and then breathed his last on a hospital bed succumbing to a severe cerebral stroke, at 9:35PM on 12th of November 2015.

Adiós, our dear ‘Chhoto Dadu’, with loving remembrance. I am indeed honoured and very proud to be your grandson.

Prof. Dr. Anil Chandra Chatterjee
Prof. Dr. Anil Chandra Chatterjee

Dr. Anil Chandra Chatterjee – a brief profile:
MBBS, Ph.D, MS, FRCS(Eng.), FRCS(Edin), LRCP(London), MRCS(Eng.) – General Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon & Urologist.
Formerly: Sr. Consultant Surgeon, Assembly of God Hospital, Park Street, Kolkata, India. Fellow, Deptt. Of Surgery, Baylor University Medical Centre Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. Lecturer in Surgery, University of Liverpool, England. Consultant Surgeon, Cambridge, England. Prof. of Surgery, Goa Medical College, Goa, India.

In 3 minutes: How to create a Twitter account yourself (and why your friend shouldn’t be creating it for you)

My publisher says twitter and facebook are two very important tools for success of my book(s) and, in turn, success of the Author in me. Recently I figured out that opening my own Twitter feed is not only important, but rather urgent. I asked my know-all friend to do it for me (not because I’m a noob, but just to save some more time for myself to laze around). And lo! That bloke just rang up and said there’s this “phone number verification thing” and he just might not be able to do it for me. Darn! I have to do it myself now.

Many of us find ourselves in situations like this. So here’s a fast guide on how to go about creating your own Twitter account in 3 minutes flat:

  • Go to and find the sign up box, or go directly to
  • Enter your full name, email address, a password and your chosen username (or choose one that Twitter suggests. They’ll tell you if the username you want is or isn’t available.).
  • Click on SignUp button.
  • On the next page (“Phone Verification”), you will be asked to put in your phone number — type your own phone number.
  • Twitter will send you a text message on your phone, with a short verification code.
  • You’ll need to enter this verification code on the next screen.
  • After your phone number verification is complete, you will be taken back to a screen where you can double-check your name, email address, password, and username.
  • Click Sign up.
  • You might be asked to complete a Captcha to let us know that you’re human.
  • Twitter will send a confirmation email to the email address you entered.
  • Click the link in that email to confirm your email address and account.
  • Your done! You can now use your Twitter account.

Happy Tweeting!

The must-have features for my ideal shoulder-bag / sling-bag / messenger-bag design (and I still can’t find the perfect one!!!)

Being a Motorcycle tourer and a technology & gadget freak all my life, I have been using small shoulder bags for the last 12+ years to carry all the I-need-this-right-now stuff. I am a perfectionist and extremely fussy about keeping everything organised. As of today, my shoulder-bag has to accommodate two phones (a smart one and a dumb one), one pen, one 3″X5″ paper notebook, my wallet, Passport & ID cards, Credit/Debit Card holders, four-six pen-drives, two USB-3G Internet connectivity dongles, Essential keys packed in a non-friction enclosure, one Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army knife, a Compass and sundry paper bills, slips & receipts that tend to gravitate towards the bag over time (and needs to be cleaned out every 4-odd weeks).

Whenever I am on my feet or on two/four wheels, the shoulder bag has almost always been complimented by my heavy-duty backpack (in this case Samsonite has been the de-facto choice over the years) which helps me carry the less-frequently accessed items – e.g., my Laptop, Spare HDDs, Camera, Lenses & other cables & accessories plus minimalist clothing if needed.

For shoulder bags, I have used American Tourister, Samsonite and Fastrack so far, and none of them have scored 100% in my evaluation. But I had to make do with them somehow, as I had failed to find the perfect one for my needs! I thought this pretext should be reason enough to make a quick draft on what an ideal shoulder bag should have:

  1. Suave Looks: Must not look like made for a college-going boy. I am 41, father of 2 kids.
  2. Washable: Must be washable and should dry quickly. 100% polyester preferred.
  3. Durable: Let this be said – the bag will face a lot of abuse every day, 365 days a year, and must not look like waiting for the garbage-truck after a few months.
  4. Size: Should be no bigger than 8.5″ in width, 8″ in height and 2″ in depth.
  5. Design:
    • Outermost pocket: Organizer for a pen, a small paper notepad (3″X5″), slots for seperately housing a 5″ touchscreen smartphone and a dumb-phone (I still have a die-hard love-affair with classic T9 keyboards).
    • Second outermost pocket: Sundry papers & bills, slips and receipts. Business cards collected. My business card holder.
    • Main chamber: Three lateral compartments: First, to house the wallet, Passport & ID cards, Credit/Debit Card holders. Second, to house four-six pen-drives, two USB-3G Internet connectivity dongles, one Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Third, to house my essential keys packed in a friction-proof enclosure and a Compass.
    • The bag may or may not have a flap cover over the top for aesthetics etc.
  6. Sling Belt: Wide, densely-knit, neutral colour nylon belt should look good to wear across the body, should not look cheap.
  7. Zippers, preferably YKK, appropriately coloured, should last the life of the bag.

So there it goes. Bagmakers – if you are listening, by Toutatis, if you make a bag based on these guidelines or better, it will sell like hot cakes. For there are many more nutcases like me out there.

Aadya Stotram in Devanagari script – authentic, print-ready.

Aadya Stotram in Devanagari script – authentic error-free print-ready. For the last few days I was searching for an authentic & error-free version of Aadya Stotram in Devanagari script. More I searched, more I bumped into erroneously composed stuff. To my utter surprise, even the officially published version from Aadyapith has many (more!!!) spelling errors.

So the Purushottam Publishers Pre-Press Team got busy in creating an authentic error-free version that can be confidently distributed and used as reference, too. Final proofing has been done by Professor Dr. Samiran Ch. Chakrabarti.

Download from here: Aadya-stotram in Devanagari script

Releasing soon on 27th May: Lata Geetkosh (Vol-VI) by Snehasis Chatterjee [Purushottam Publishers]

Lata Geetkosh Vol-6
We at Purushottam Publishers feel extremely honoured and proud to present this priceless new release! 

Just open for pre-orders: Grab your copy now!

Lata Mangeshkar (B: 28th Sept.1929 at Indore) is a luminary of Indian musical sphere. Her name itself signifies a musical gamut and her songs spread a kind of divinity and purity in the hearts of the listeners. She has sung in more than 34 languages (Indian and Foreign) and has been honoured with several awards, viz., ‘Padma Bhusan’(1969); ‘Dadasaheb Phalke’(1989); ‘Padma Bibhusan’ (1999) and ‘Bharat Ratna’ (2001). Authentic and detailed information of all those songs sung by Respected Lata Mangeshkar has not been published or made available till date. In view of the above, Snehasis Chatterjee, an ardent fan of Lataji, has taken this colossal endeavour and started with all the pertinent information thereof (with Full Text of each and every song), compiled together in the form of Lata Geetkosh (in 15 volumes). This multi-volume series will be of immense value for music loving people as well as research workers. This volume, Lata Geetkosh (Vol-VI) contains all relevant information with entire lyrics of each and every song sung by Lataji in Hindi Films during 1966-1970 (with foreword by Respected Yash Chopra). – See more at:

Why BJP Why Narendra Modi?

Why BJP Why Modi ji?

पूरा लेख हिन्दी मे पढ़े :

Read the Complete article IN ENGLISH at

Vajpayeeji extended Integrated Child Development Services 2 all 5652
blocks of India. Employed 1 million Anganwadi workers World’s largest
in size!

#TrustBJP because just in 6 years it showed a better India than an
India under 50 years of congress misrule.

In 2003, just in 12 months, India’s forex reserves grew by the same
amount that it took the first 50 years to accumulate, $32.5bn !

1998 – 2002, NDA added 2700000 jobs in Small scale industry
alone.That’s more than what Congress added across ALL industries in 7

Sher Shah Suri died in 1545. It took an Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 454
years later, to start India’s next big road construction project.

Number of Engineering seats in India increased from 1,34,298 to
3,56,268 during Vajpayee’s one term. A phenomenal 165% increase!

Vajpayee Ji and Advani Ji enhanced the prestige of India internationally through a definite foreign policy.

UPA after 2 terms failed to create one state Telangana, on the other
Vajpayee’s NDA done with 3 new states.

Confronted & defeated world ban after N-Bomb blasts, through vibrant
India bonds. Jhukti hai duniya, jhukane wala chahiye!

32 terrorist orgs like LeT, JeM, HM, ULFA, SIMI banned by NDA
#IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

Just the Golden Quadrilateral that Vajpayee govt built would save
Rs.8000 crore of fuel consumption in India, EACH year.

19, Despite sanctions by so called Developed countries after
Pokhran-II,Atalji’s govt managed constant rates for the basic

Why Narendra Modi


a) Jyotigram Yojana: Built 56000 Kms of high transition lines and
22000 Kms of low transition lines in just 1000 days
b) All villages in Gujarat have 24 hours 3 phase uninterrupted
power supply at normal tariff. Gujarat is a power surplus state


a) Introduced GARIB KALYAN MELAS. Benefits worth 10000 Crores
have been distributed to 75 lakh beneficiaries through 971 Garib
Kalyan Melas.


a) Kanya Kelavani and Shala praveshotsav : Ensured 100% child
enrollment in schools
b) School dropout rates dropped from 20.9 % in 2001 to 2% in 2012.


a) Rs 1700 Crore business handled by 2.5 lakh sakhi mandal that
has 26 lakh members (Source: Mission Mangalam Yojana)
b) Crime against women is 0.7% as against 2% nationally


a) Evening Courts have helped resolve 8.5 lakh cases as on 2012
b) Lok Adalats have helped resolve 61.72 lakh cases till date at
an average cost of only 35 paise per case
c) State crime rate is 11.8% compared to national average of
19.6%(as on 2012)


a) Improvement in Child Sex Ratio (Source link:
b) ZERO COMMUNAL VIOLENCE in the last 12 years
c) Sharpest decline in malnutrition as per report provided by
ministry of women and child welfare

a) Area under drip irrigation increased from 12000 hectares to 6
Lakh hectares in the last 10 years
b) The gross cultivable area grew from 108 lakh hectares to 140
lakh hectares in the last 10 years


a) In 10 years, Gujarat has constructed more than 6 lakhs water
harvesting structures in comparison to just 40,000 structures built in
40 years
b) 75% of Gujarat populations have pipeline/tap connection
(nationally, it is just 30%)
c) ONLY STATE in the country to interlink its rivers.

Healthcare Sector:

a) More than 40 lakh emergencies attended and saved more than 2.90 lakh lives.
b) 41,057 deliveries have been assisted.
c) It currently responds to between 2000-2200 emergencies on daily basis.
d) 99% of the calls received on 108 are attended in less than one ring which is better than global standards

e) 108 emergency Ambulance services

How to export Gmail contacts to Excel?

Migrated to Outlook or some other email client?
Need all the contacts that you have in your Gmail Address Book?
It’s easy, and you can do it yourself by following the simple steps below.

1. Go to Gmail Contacts.
2. Select all your contacts.
3. Drop Down the “More” action button list.
4. From the drop-down list, choose “Export

5. Under “Which contacts do you want to export?” ==> Choose an option that suits your need.

6. Under “Which export format?” ==> Choose one from the options (Google CSV, Outlook CSV and Vcard format). For example, you will need Outlook CSV if you want to have these contacts exported to Outlook.

7. Click on the Export Button, and save the resulting CSV or Vcard file in a known location on your computer. Remember this location.

8. Open Outlook. Go to the Address Book of your choice.

9. Choose File Menu –> Import and Export.

10. In the first step of the “Import and Export Wizard”, choose “Import from another program or file” and click Next.

11. In the next step (“Import a File”) –> choose “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and click Next.

12. In the next step (“Import a File”) –> Choose the CSV file that you saved in your computer in Step #7.  Click Next.

13. In the next step, select the destination folder as the Outlook address book where you want these contacts to be imported. Click Next.

14. In the next step, make sure the fields are mapped properly. If necessary, click on “Map Custom Fields” and map them as per your choice. If you are importing to Outlook, chances are that this wont be required – better keep the default settings and proceed.

15. You are done.


Chhota Bheem: Boon or Bane?

I am a little worried with this phenomenon of Chhota Bheem (POGO channel) getting so much popular ( My 5-yr old kid is always glued to the TV and will refuse to see anything other than Chhota Bheem. He wants Chhota Bheem during his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Irrespective of the time of the day, he will throw tantrums and behave quite unreasonably if he is not allowed to have his fillip of Chhota Bheem!

There is nothing wrong in a generation of kids getting hooked to a comic story. When we were kids, we have had our fantasies come real with amazing comics like Phantom, Mandrake, Tintin, Asterix, Flash Gordon, and closer home, our very own Narayan Debnath creations – Batul the Great, Nontey-Phontey and Handa-Bhonda! In fact comics are a good and healthy tool to foster an environment of creativity, visualisation and auto-learning for kids who are just getting initiated to the conventional system of education.

So what is it that worries me about Chhota Bheem?

Chhota Bheem never goes to school. He does not have anything to do with “School”.
Chhota Bheem never talks about studying, or getting smarter by acquiring knowledge or education.
Chhota Bheem rarely exhibits that he is intelligent, smart or creative.
Rather he is more interested in exhibiting ONLY brute force and physical strength to “solve problems”.
Most of the time Chhota Bheem is involved with banging up the bad guys. Whenever he runs out of strength, he pops in some laddus and regains his power, and there he goes again with his usual dhisum-dhisum, where he slays bad guys and demons ten times his size with quite incredible ease, notwithstanding his kiddish proportions!

Kids in the age group of 4-7 are just budding brains, with very high development potential.
Their brains need just the right balance of nurturing, challenging (problem solving), teaching (lessons) and fun. Entertainment in the form of TV is one-way flow of information: it hinders, slows down and sometimes blocks this natural development – as the young brain is not confronted with the opportunity of interactivity. Building blocks & modelling clay score better.

I am NOT suggesting that Televisions should be completely eradicated from small Kids’s life.
I know it is neither practical nor peacefully implementable in any household.

Kids need to be counselled & explained that it is important to get accustomed with school, crystallize a daily activity routine, form a study-time habit in the morning and evening, play some outdoor games with friends, experience the fun of graduating up from a tricycle to a bicycle with guidewheels and then one without, complete with bruised elbows and knees decorated with Band-Aid, etc.

I would be extremely delighted to see Chhota Bheem producers and scriptwriters take their recently soaring popularity with some brain and start writing some socially responsible episodes, to help bring up a creative, proactive, well-aware, healthy generation of kids. After all, they are the ones who will take up the reins of the society after us!