Run Multiple Instances of Skype

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Do you have more than one Skype account? Maybe, one for your business and another for your personal use? Have you ever wondered if you could run two instances of Skype on your PC having at the same time! Yes, Skype multiple instances has become indeed possible! Provided you have Skype 4.0 or a later version. Note: I have tried and tested the following to be working on Windows (XP and Vista), and I haven’t had the time or opportunity to play with this on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac or other contraptions.

Thanks to koreanheman and zegway over at the Skype forums for providing the solution.

Step 1: Open My Computer –> Go to the location to where you have Skype installed. For example: C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone

Run Multiple Instances of Skype Step-1

Step 2: Right-click on the Skype.exe icon and select “Send to” –> “Desktop (as shortcut). This will create a new shortcut to the program on your Desktop.

Run Multiple Instances of Skype Step-2

Step 3: Now go to your Desktop –> Right-click on the newly created shortcut. Select “Properties”.

Run Multiple Instances of Skype Step-3

Step 4: Append the following to the “Target:” text field without changing the existing text: /secondary

Run Multiple Instances of Skype Step-4

Step 5: Select the “General” tab and give your shortcut a meaningful name like “Skype 2″.

Step 6: Press “OK”.

Now double-click your original Skype shortcut (say, Skype-1) first. One instance will open. Login with your first Skype account. Now double-click your new (secondary) Skype shortcut. The second instance of Skype will open. Login with your second Skype account.

Voila! By now you will have two instances of Skype, logged in simultaneuoously on your PC at the same time!

In this article I have given an example where only two logins are running Skype simultaneously from a Windows PC. But you can run any number of separate Skype instances & logins at a time like this. The only limit would be the number of simultaneous Skype connections your Internet connection could handle.